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character description

At the age of 18 I've worked has a scene photographer in a short film, in that moment, the path became clear and I made my decision: I was going to make films for life.

To pay for my university Film Degree, and postgraduate study at Barcelona- ESCAC I worked through several departments in diverse film teams. That provided me with invaluable experience and understanding, from different perspectives, of the challenges inherent in each film.

If a friend of mine tells me a story I imagine all the scene in my head, it is the same with a script or a briefing, I think through images, sequences of movements, colors and scales. It's natural to me, I believe. 

I also believe in the constant need to improve, not even the best reviewed film is absolutely perfect and that thought is what must drives me: my latest film is only the best I've made until next one. 

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